Monday, July 8, 2019

Plurality of Leadership

Serving is fun when we serve together! One leadership culture in CDPC is the plurality of leadership where there is no one dominant voice that "superstars" the church but an active listening and deliberation that honors one another as a fellow members of the Body of Christ. That means we only have One Head - Jesus Christ Himself. I will certainly miss those "arm-wrestling" and "planking" moments when we were not only busy planning but also mindful to have fun as well!

It is true - you cannot love Jesus Christ without also loving His Bride, the Church - the Body of believers of whom He gave His life for. To the pastors, elders and deacons - you are indeed our glory and our joy!

Please pray for us
We are only days away from 11 July - all this seems so unreal, we are so busy packing and prepping that we don't even have much time to even feel what's going on! Please pray for my time of internship at Uptown Church (assigned to be part of the mercy ministry team) that the Lord will further clarify His calling for my wife and I as to how we can best fit to serve in the Body of Christ. Also we hope to be able to quickly locate a suitable apartment to rent (near the seminary) when we touch down on 12 July.

Joseph & Debra.

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