Monday, June 24, 2019

Grateful for Connection (and Tips)

We met up with Hann Yang and his wife Hazel on 19 June - a wonderful time of fellowship as Hann Yang is a RTS alumni who did his M.Div a few years ago. In addition, he went to RTS together with his wife and four children - so, they definitely had a lot of tips for us (which includes where to eat, how to order real Chinese food and satisfy our Asian cravings!). Also, we found out that there are "past year papers" to study in order to prepare for the driving test in North Carolina :-)

As we get closer to catching our flight to Charlotte (17 more days to go), we certainly appreciate the divine appointments and connections along the way. This brief meet-up is a wonderful reminder that to travel far, we must travel together as a community. 

Please pray for us
This is a crucial week for me as I focus on transiting some of the business that I do from off-line to on-line (since I will not be able to conduct my coaching and training sessions in person anymore). We are also sorting out what to pack and what not to pack, so plenty of deliberating (and also discovery of things we never though we had!) - certainly need to stay focus and make sure that the we bring along only what is essential.

Thanks for partnering with us in the work of the Gospel.

Joseph & Debra.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Going and Trusting

I remember when my parents saw me off to study in Singapore - they were worried about my welfare. Now, the roles are reversed - my wife and I now are concerned about our parents' welfare as we go overseas for studies the second time. We thank the Lord for caring for us through our parents and how the amazing grace of God works all things for the good of accomplishing His purpose in our lives.

While we "go", there will also be the tug in our hearts towards home and when that tug is strong, that is when the "trust" needs to come in. Trusting that the Lord will continue to protect and preserve our parents, to turn their hearts towards the Lord Jesus Christ, the author and perfecter of our faith.

Please pray for our parents
My mom is a believer while Debra's parents have yet to know the Lord. Please pray first and foremost that the message of the Gospel will continue to be deposited in their heart of hearts, that the Holy Spirit will regenerate them towards repentance. We are thankful to God that there are no major health issues, yet we do not want to be presumptuous but continue to be vigilant in praying for God's preserving grace to be upon them.

We appreciate your partnership & support.

Joseph & Debra.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Relocation and Refreshment

This time of transition involves even the life of our dog of 9 years - Skipper - who has been with us every since he was a pup. Initially, we were skeptical whether if anyone would want to adopt an old dog but after my wife placed the online ad, two calls came on the same day and with seven more inquiry the next five days or so!

We had the joy of handing over Skipper to a family from Batu Pahat with four young children who recently lost their family dog and Skipper came in just at the right time to fill up the void. What is a relocation for us becomes a refreshing blessing for another!

Please pray for us
We are now about 30 days away from the 11th July departure to Charlotte, North Carolina. We sure do hope that our relocation will be a refreshing blessing to the people and families we meet! We are thankful that we have a place to stay (with a deacon from Uptown Church) for a month when we arrive. Do pray for the Lord's favor as we look for an apartment to rent near the seminary. Our budget is tight - so, every little bit counts!

Once again, we appreciate your partnership in our joyous journey ahead!

Joseph & Debra.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Grateful for Our Mentor

We are thankful for our journey in CDPC Puchong which started since 2014 and it has been a chapter in our lives where our calling is being clarified. When it comes to discovering God's calling on your life, we realize that the voice of the Lord often resonates through the counsel, encouragement and also the admonishment from His people.

Thank you Pastor Wong for being that shepherd who gently leads us along the path of what it means to be a follower of the Great Shepherd Himself. Calling is not possible without the cost of discipleship - it is the coupling of purpose and passion. We pray that Pastor Wong's sabbatical period this season will indeed draw him closer to the Lord's purpose and passion for his life and ministry.

Pastor Wong - Let's continue to exchange theological and exegetical notes ...

Please pray for us
With July 11 around the corner, we are definitely "feeling it"! Please pray for practical wisdom and administrative skills as we start to pack up and also re-order our present home for the new tenant. Also, there is a fair bit of paperwork to settle as well (bills, income tax, bank accounts, etc) - would also appreciate your prayer support in this area as well.

Joseph & Debra.