Sunday, July 14, 2019

Going Growing..Glowing

After close to 3 hours delay at JFK (plus another 2 hours being questioned at immigration on details of our study programs), we arrived 10.30pm, Friday 12 July in Charlotte. Having Tommy Fuller and Daniel McNamee from Uptown to meet us at the airport was certainly a welcoming sight! As we go, we are thankful that we can also grow into relationships to be formed here, not only just in the seminary but also with the church community.

Thanks to those who came to send us off at KLIA, we are grateful for your encouragement, wishes and prayers.

Thank also to the CDPC community who gave us a hearty send-off last Sunday - a precious reminder that we are part of the Body of Christ and as we go and grow, we are to also glow in service unto Christ who is the Head of the Church. Amen.

Please pray for us
We visited a few apartments yesterday near the seminary and found one that we like. May make a decision to go for that one - please pray that we will have the insights to consider all relevant factors and take the right steps going forward.

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