Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Internship at Uptown Church

We are blessed to be in fellowship with Pastor Micah and Blair who gave us helpful insights into life in Charlotte and more importantly, what it means to be part of the local church community. Specifically, I am looking forward being on staff at Uptown Church as an intern - serving in the mercy ministry. To me, studying in RTS is more than just sticking my nose into piles of books and lecture notes but getting involved in the lives of people - the members of the Body of Christ.

We thank you for Pastor Micah and Blair who has gone before us in that journey and we look to them as our guides even when we are in the US. We are grateful for our family-to-family fellowship and bonding!

Please pray for us
Pray for us to be intentional in connecting with the local church community in Uptown as we find our fit in the Body of Christ. We would certainly like to serve in our area of gifting and yet at the same time be open for exposure to learn from a wider perspective of ministry as well.

Oh yes, we are only about a week away from departure - 11 July, 8.50pm. Pray for energy and wisdom as we tie the "loose ends' and pack the boxes!

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